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We provide training for college and school students. We provide 80% practical training, so that students can know more about aviation. We train students in fast and easy way.
We are in this field since 2008, trained CPL holder instructions.
List of Workshops conducted: -
  • Meera Model School (Janakpuri running since 2005)
  • Ryan Public School (Greater Noida)
  • Summer workshop conducted every year at various places in India
This workshop gives student an opportunity to understand the theory behind the functioning of aircraft and aircraft design. It makes student innovate by coming up with your own design of mini aircrafts and fabricating them as per your design. This workshop will have interactive lectures and design sessions supplemented by practical sessions, thereby providing a complete learning experience. Aero modeling can be considered as HOBBY cum SPORT because the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying. Aero modeling includes the concepts of Physics, electronics and mechanical so it’s a part of engineering as well as and specifically called as aerospace engineering if integrated. Due to the cost of this hobby it is also known as “ROYAL HOBBY” but it is really interesting workshop and different from others.
The main challenge of a Aero Modeler is to design all the parts of a Aero model with the help of specific tools to fix its aerodynamics level for a stable flight and if done on a hobby and low level that aero model can also be made from a scratch but that won’t be that much stable.
About our RC Aircraft Workshop and Seminars
This workshop is primarily targeted at students who wish to discover the saga about designing and flying of an airplane by workshop or seminar session. This workshop would take the student on a variety of topics from Aerodynamics, Structures and Control & Stability. This workshop will give the student the outlook of aircraft designing from the weight balancing to performance evaluation. The conceptual aspects of the maneuvering the aircraft by yawing, rolling and pitching will be took major role in this workshop and we make the students to gain brief knowledge about Aeronautics. This workshop for Schools, College and for enthusiastic people interested in the field of Aeronautics. Aeromodelling is the art of designing, building and flying miniaturized aircrafts (powered or non-powered). While Aeromodelling has reached a certain degree of sophistication, one can build a model plane from any material which may include Paper, Balsa, composites so on and so forth. It is both a hobby and sport; the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involve the flying. Aeromodelling activity is consists of two skills basically. One is modeling of Aeromodel and the other one is flying of that model. So lets have a look on both the skills one by one. The later is considered as a sport, hobby while the former is left to designers and aeromodellers. Many time Aeromodelling word is understood as flying of Aeromodel and this is more or less true since most of the persons involved with this activity are involved with flying skill mainly and building skill is left to commercial companies to build and create wealth. Some of the useful pages about Aeromodelling are available here. Go through the side menu items to look for your requirements………………………
Indian Aero Funn conducts several long-term and short term programs for children at the Training center in Delhi and in all major cities in India, depending on the number of participants and the program duration. We have :
  • Summer Camps
  • Weekend Classes
  • Vacation Classes (Summer, Christmas, Dussehra)
  • One-day workshops at Residential complexes
  • Weekend workshops at Residential complexes
  • Two-day workshops in major cities in India
Our workshops provide a fun, interactive and highly entertaining learning experience for all participants, irrespective of their age. We encourage parents’ involvement in the workshops in residential communities to strengthen bonds and to actively participate in their kids’ education.
Here are just a few of the things the kids learn and improve upon, during our fun-filled programs:
What is this workshop about?
If you want to learn about flying objects and don't know where to start, Indian Aero fun gives you just the right platform with a Balsa Glider workshop.
Designing and fabricating a glider helps one understand the basic idea behind flight and the significance of various parts of the airplane. The workshop helps the participant understand aerodynamics, controls and stability in the simplest manner.
By tweaking slightly with various parts of the glider, one can actually make it perform some interesting aerobatics. This will help the participant understand the basic principles of flight.
Course Outcomes
  • Build your own Chuck Glider with Balsa Wood
  • Learn the Basics of Aircraft flight
  • Initiation into field of Aeronautical engineering through Aeromodelling
Course Structure and Topics Covered
  • Lecture on Understanding Aircraft Design - Duration 3 hours
    In these modules the participants are introduced to
    • Basic concepts of a glider
    • Understanding of physics behind aircraft
    • Important parts of an Aircraft
    • Different systems of an aircraft
    • Aerodynamics of a glider
    • Stability of a glider
    • Designing a glider
  • Designing and fabricating a glider - Duration 3 hours
    • Concepts in design of a glider
    • Implementing the design to construct a glider
    • Efficiency of a glider
  • Launching Demo and Competition - Duration 2 hours
    • Launching techniques of a glider
Kit Content
  • Balsa wood
  • Epoxy Glue
  • Working Tools
  • Other miscellaneous items
Participants will be made to work in teams of 2 in the workshop. 1 kit per team will be given during the workshop which is take-home for participants
What is this Workshop about?
Ever wondered how it feels to design your own aircraft and see it soar into the sky? Then Take a Break and come to AerotriX RC Aircraft Workshop.
This workshop by AerotriX gives you an opportunity to understand the theory behind the functioning of aircraft and aircraft design. It makes you innovate by coming up with your own design of an RC aircraft and fabricate it from scratch. An interactive lecture session and design session helps you design your own aircraft.
Course Highlights
  • Design, Build & Test your first RC Aircraft from scratch!
  • Learn all the introductory concepts of aeronautical engineering through aeromodelling
  • Introduction to Design Algorithm of an aircraft
  • Hands-on experience on the electronic and electrical instrumentation of an RC aircraft
Course Structure
  • Introductory Lecture on Aeromodelling - 2 hours
  • Interactive Design Session - 2 hours
  • Fabrication Session - 8 hours
  • Testing Session - all aircrafts designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team Indian Aero - 3.5 hours
  • Certificate Distribution - 0.5 hour
Kit Content
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Propeller
  • Transmitter *
  • Receiver *
  • Li-Po Battery
  • Servo Motors
  • Coroplast
  • Styrofoam
  • Control Rods
  • Wing Holders
  • Working Tools *
  • Other miscellaneous items

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