Aero Modeling Workshop

This workshop is dedicated to learn the technology behind making of aircrafts. It help and encourage the participants to solve real time problem involved in making of glider aircraft, besides this live demonstration of RC plane will also be shown so that student will stimulate their theoretical knowledge in to practical.
Topics to be covered in this Workshop
Session 1 - Introduction to Aeromodelling
  • A brief introduction about modeling Aeroplanes -Static and Flying models
  • Explore different categories - Free Flight, Powered Free Flight, Control Line and Radio-Control Flying
  • Materials in Aeromodelling
Session 2 - Getting your Hands Dirty
  • Construction of the 40cm Balsa Glider from the Pre-cut KIT
  • Flying the 40cm Balsa Glider
  • Experimenting with the different Wing Configurations & Learning
Session 3 - An Introduction to Flight
  • What Makes Planes Fly?
  • Overview of Flight Control Surfaces
  • The Four Basic Forces of Flight
  • Basic Terminologies
  • How Planes can Maneuver
Session 4 - An Introduction to Gliders
  • What are Gliders? How do they Glide?
  • Understanding the Wing and its Importance
  • Types of Wing Construction
  • Basic Glider Design - What goes where?
Session 5 - Design a Glider within given Constraints & Guidelines
  • Discuss the Designs
Session 6
  • Cutting Techniques for Balsa
  • Cutting the Design from Balsa
  • Sanding & Smoothing Techniques
  • Sanding & Smoothing the Cut Balsa Designs- Putting it all together
  • Discuss concepts of Balance and Center of Gravity affecting Flight
  • Discuss techniques to Chuck
  • Flying the Gliders - Chuck & Catapult Launch
Session 7 - Demonstration of control line Flying
  • Flying Demo of Basic Aerobatics, Pattern Flying & Stunt Flying
  • Practical Session

Duration: The duration of this workshop will be 6 consecutive days, with 3 hour session each day in a total of eighteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

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