Rocket Modelling

Rocket Modelling Workshop

Water Rocket with Parachute Landing:

When someone mentions bottle rockets, Do you envision placing a firecracker attached to a stick into a glass bottle and launching it? A water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass.

Water rockets at schools help students understand the principles of aeronautics. Designing, building, flying & landing a Water Rocket provides students with a real-world application of the scientific method.

Topics to be covered in this Workshop
Day I: Aeromodelling & Aircraft Designing
Session 1 - Introduction to Aeromodelling
  • A brief introduction about modeling Aeroplanes -Static and Flying models
  • Explore different categories - Free Flight, Powered Free Flight, Control Line and Radio-Control Flying
  • Materials in Aeromodelling
  • An Introduction to Glider & Flight
  • What Makes Planes Fly?
  • Overview of Flight Control
  • Surface theory of Flight
  • Understanding the Wing and its Importance
  • Basic Technologies 
Session 2 - Designing & Construction of Chuck Glider
  • Getting your Hand dirty
  • Construction of Chuck Glider from the Pre Cut Balsa Wood.
  • Sanding & Smoothing the Wings.
  • Experimenting flying techniques.
Session 3 - Flying the Chuck Glider
  • Flying the Chuck Glider
Day II - Water rocket with parachute landing
Session 4 - Introduction to Water Rocket
  • Introduction to Water Rockets
  • Understanding different part of Rockets
  • Understanding launching & firing mechanism of Rocket
  • Comparison between Actual Rocket & Water Rocket
  • Understanding the mechanism involve in Parachute Landing.
Session 5 - Construction of Water Rocket
  • Construction of Water Rocket
  • Construction of Parachute for Water Rocket
  • Attaching Parachute to Water Rocket
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